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Rodin Museum

Perelman Building

Philadelphia Museum of Art | Our Story

Sitting atop some very famous steps, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the largest museums in the United States, with a collection of more than 227,000 works of art and more than 200 galleries presenting painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, decorative arts, textiles, and architectural settings from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Our facilities include our landmark Main Building on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Perelman Building, located nearby on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Rodin Museum on the 2200 block of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and two 18th-century houses in Fairmount Park, Mount Pleasant and Cedar Grove. We welcome you to enjoy a variety of activities for public audiences, including special exhibitions, programs for children and families, lectures, concerts and films.

Fashion Friday: A Tribute to Tassell

In the 1960s, Philadelphia-born designer Gustave Tassell achieved international acclaim for his refined women’s clothes and accessories. A favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Grace of Monaco, the drama of Tassell’s designs was in their simplicity, according to Dilys E. Blum, The Jack M. and Annette Y. Friedland Senior Curator of Costumes and Textiles. In tribute to Tassell, who passed away last month, we’re sharing five favorites from our Tassell collection. Explore more here.

Woman’s Late Afternoon Dress, Fall 1957, by Gustave Tassell

Woman’s Dress and Cape, Spring 1960, by Gustave Tassell

Woman’s Ensemble: Dress, Cape, and Capelet, Spring 1965, by Gustave Tassell

Woman’s Hat, Spring 1965, by Gustave Tassell

Woman’s Evening Dress, Spring/Summer 1969, by Gustave Tassell


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